Late Shri Vinod Kumar Sanan

Our founder Shri. Vinod Kumar Sanan was a great educator. His love for children made him strive to create a wonderful space that imparted education and discipline in our students. His aims, views and desires will always be fulfilled through this institution. His legacy will not only shine brightly within the walls of the school but also speard around the world through the students. We are confident that with the blessings of God, our noble institution will keep prospering in the coming years also teach all our students the meaning and purpose of life, to treasure their own personality, talent and dedication to make them a dependable citizen of India.
To fullfill his dreams, We at RAY'S are on a mission to make learning more engaging, relevant and effective for our children and in the process, make teaching more meaningful and fullfilling.
We at RAY'S are committed to "Revolutionize Education."


One of the new initiatives of RAYS Education Society is RAYS International that proposes to offer the Pre-School education to your children.

What matters in education is what matters in life. RAYS International preschool cultivates life-long learners and prepares kids in a way which empowers them with a strong academic foundation, and awareness of others, makes them socio-emotionally stable and responsible citizens with critical thinking. RAYS International preschool has special facilities which work on the provision of the best learning experience for our preschoolers. Be sure that your kid will enjoy his or her day at preschool because RAY'S International offers everything what makes study fun, diverse and safe. Our progressive, individualized teaching philosophy prepares children to transit smoothly in the best schools of the country. We constantly strive to fullfill your expectations.

RAYS International is designed to fullfill the long standing demand of a world class campus with a state-of- the-art infrastructure, most modern facilities and experienced teachers. RAYS International fullfills its promise of providing an inspiring ambience to motivate young minds to bloom into individuals who are ready to take on the world in the right perspective.

Our Mission

To provide the highest standard of pre-school education through a programme that unearths our children's individual potential and inspires them to become tomorrow’s scholars, artists and leader. RAYS INTERNATIONAL Pre-School provide a safe, secure, and stimulating learning atmosphere with An equal emphasis on curricular, creativity, and physical activity. The school aims to make students Outstanding global citizens, who have respect for fellow human beings and responsibility towards the natural environment.

Our Vision

To foster a caring, creative and conivial environment where great learning takes place. The school's mission is to help students discover their talents, develop skills needed for success in future studies and establish value that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness in society. Mission of the pre-school is to grow and mature along with its children as they are prepared with a thirst and excitement for learning and growth with recognition of their innate talents. we know that the first five years of a child's life are critical learning years for intellectual development. Our mission is no nurture innocence and curiosity in partnership with parents and guardians.
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