Play Group

Starting preschool is a significant step in the life of a child and their families. Playgroup is the first place that children interact with adults and other children of their age on their own for the first time. They start their lifelong journey of learning and making friends. At Playgroup children spend a large part of their day singing rhymes, doing fun project work as well as learning concepts by listening to stories. We have the Playgroup schedule that has adequate time for free play and directed activities.

Main emphasis of Theme/ Story is Language development and is linked to the world around us and self to the social environment. Science focuses on the learning of earth and its environment. Numerous stories, rhymes, songs, and dramatic play based on themes will enhance your child’s learning.
Maths is introduced through a variety of hands on maths activities. Experiences to math manipulative are built-in where possible, along with literature to enhance and integrate children’s learning. So to learn numbers your child will learn finger rhymes so they understand the numbers recognize them and can enjoy their journey into the numbers world.
Their journey into phonics and language arts begins through Letterland. Letterland is aannie apple programme that is created by Lyn Wendon from UK. It has been in use for more than 2 decades and tremendous success in helping children all over the world to read and write with ease and have fun at the same time. Its emphasis is on hands-on approach which is the optimal approach to learning in young children. Playgroup children thus become familiar with Letterland characters, created to represent the letters of the alphabet as pictograms and the sounds they make are intuitively accessible to three- and four-year olds, such as Annie Apple, Clever Cat, Walter Walrus and Yellow Yo-Yo Man. These alliterative names also enhance phonemic awareness at an early age.
Music and Movement is an essential part of the curriculum which includes finger rhymes, chants, songs and even playing musical instruments. Our Music and Movement curriculum will help children learn and gain gradual mastery in the musical elements through the movements and songs.
Physical development is very important and our curriculum ensures that children develop their body kin-aesthetic and visual spatial intelligence’s We have time for outdoor play which includes sliders, swings, climbers. We also do stretches and cool down exercises in a fun way with children. Individual attention in a small class setting, independent and creative learning through hands-on experiences are some of the main features of the program.
Active Learning Experiences like Creative Art and Craft which helps enhance emotional development, imagination and fine motor skills, allowing children to experiment with various art media and material of different textures, colours, patterns.

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